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Old Cliff Jumper

Level 42 Wolf from The Hinterlands

Available Spells:



Furious Howl






Level: Classification: Pet Family: Location: tameable Health: Armor: Damage: Attackspeed: DPS: Arcane Resistance: Fire Resistance: Frost Resistance: Nature Resistance: Shadow Resistance:

Before Taming:

42 Rare Special Pet!Special Pet Wolf The Hinterlands
1988 2246 338 - 435 2.00 193.00 90 90 90 90 90

After Taming:

          1651 2400 63 - 80 2.00 35.75 0 0 0 0 0

Level 60:

          3052 4204 90 - 115 2.00 51.25          
Old Cliff Jumper was known for his incredible running speed before Patch 1.9.
Without Dash he was able to catch up with people on their epic mount, making him annoying for the opposing faction in PVP.
He is also known for his unique look, which no other pet up until Cataclysm had.
Skills when tamed:
Bite Rank 6
35 Focus 5 yd range
Instant 10 sec cooldown
Requires level 40
Bite the enemy, causing 49 to 59 damage.
Dash Rank 2
20 Focus
Instant 30 sec cooldown
Requires level 40
Increases movement speed by 60% for 15 sec.

Identical looking pets

LevelNameLocationAttackspeedSkills when tamedtameable
42Old Cliff Jumper Special Pet!The Hinterlands2.0Bite 6, Dash 2Yes