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Level 20 Wolf from Dustwallow Marsh

Available Spells:



Furious Howl






Level: Classification: Pet Family: Location: tameable Health: Armor: Damage: Attackspeed: DPS:

Before Taming:

20 Non-Elite Special Pet!Special Pet Wolf Dustwallow Marsh
919 1373 50 - 61 2.00 28.00

After Taming:

          484 939 30 - 39 2.00 17.25

Level 60:

          3052 4204 90 - 115 2.00 51.25
Spot can only be tamed by horde characters. He is the guarddog in front of the military building in Theramore and thus friendly to alliance characters.

Spot is also special because he is the only one having Dash Rank 1 when tamed.
Usually Dash 1 needs a lvl 30 pet to be trained. Dash 1 is therefore otherwise only avaiable to level 30-40 pets.
Since it comes standard with Spot you don't need to have the level requirements for Dash to keep it.
Once unlearned you have to bring him to level 30 to train him Dash again.

Somehow this bug went unnoticed until late TBC and only got removed by the WotLK talent trees, which got rid of all trainable petskills.
Skills when tamed:
Dash Rank 1
20 Focus
Instant 30 sec cooldown
Requires level 30
Increases movement speed by 40% for 15 sec.

Identical looking pets

LevelNameLocationAttackspeedSkills when tamedtameable
5 - 6Prairie Wolf Mulgore1.5Bite 1Yes
9 - 10Prairie Wolf Alpha Mulgore1.4Bite 2, Furious Howl 1Yes
11 - 12Coyote Packleader Westfall2.0Bite 2, Furious Howl 1Yes
20Spot Special Pet!Dustwallow Marsh2.0Dash 1Yes
35 - 36Crag Coyote Badlands2.0Bite 5, Dash 1Yes
37 - 38Feral Crag Coyote Badlands2.0Dash 1Yes
38 - 40Elder Crag Coyote Badlands2.0Dash 1, Furious Howl 2Yes
42 - 43Rabid Crag Coyote Badlands2.0Dash 2Yes