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Drywallow Snapper

Level 37 - 38 Crocolisk from Dustwallow Marsh

Available Spells:








Level: Classification: Pet Family: Location: tameable Health: Armor: Damage: Attackspeed: DPS:

Before Taming:

37 - 38 Non-Elite Special Pet!Special Pet Crocolisk Dustwallow Marsh
1536 - 1692 1651 52 - 65 2.00 29.00

After Taming:

          1336 - 1395 1729 - 1850 55 - 73 2.00 32.00

Level 60:

          2899 4395 90 - 115 2.00 51.25
This is one oddball of a pet: Usually crocolisks can only learn Bite (!).
They are not able to learn Claw!

This pet though has naturally trained: Claw Rank 5!

If you unlearn your pets talents, Claw is also being unlearned. It can't be trained to your pet, once unlearned.
You can't upgrade Claw to a higher rank on this pet.

This bug was never really fixed: It was still there during late TBC.
It just didn't occur anymore when WotLK talent trees got introduced on patch 3.0
I'm curious whether this bug is fixed in WoW: Classic or not.
Skills when tamed:
Claw Rank 5
25 Focus 5 yd range
Requires level 32
Claw the enemy, causing 21 to 29 damage.

Identical looking pets

LevelNameLocationAttackspeedSkills when tamedtameable
11 - 12Corrupted Dreadmaw Crocolisk The Barrens2.0noneYes
14 - 15Loch Crocolisk Loch Modan2.0Bite 2Yes
22Large Loch Crocolisk Loch Modan1.5Bite 3Yes
35 - 36Young Sawtooth Crocolisk Swamp of Sorrows2.0noneYes
35 - 36Drywallow Crocolisk Dustwallow Marsh2.0Bite 5Yes
37 - 38Drywallow Snapper Special Pet!Dustwallow Marsh2.0Claw 5Yes
38 - 39Sawtooth Crocolisk Swamp of Sorrows2.0noneYes
40 - 41Drywallow Daggermaw Dustwallow Marsh2.0Bite 6Yes
41 - 42Sawtooth Snapper Swamp of Sorrows2.0Bite 6Yes