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Level 39 Wolf from Badlands

Available Spells:



Furious Howl






Level: Classification: Pet Family: Location: tameable Health: Armor: Damage: Attackspeed: DPS:

Before Taming:

39 Rare Special Pet!Special Pet Wolf Badlands
2376 1709 115 - 140 2.00 64.00

After Taming:

          1459 1977 58 - 75 2.00 33.25

Level 60:

          3052 4204 90 - 115 2.00 51.25
Barnabus comes standard with Bite 6 trained.
Usually this skill is only avaiable to level 40 pets.
This skill is not unlearned once tamed.
You could argue that this would make him a great pet for lvl 39 twink pvp.
Alas, Broken Tooth is a lvl 37 pet with a 1.0 Attackspeed. Making him the best pet for low level pvp.
Once unlearned you have to bring him to level 40 to train him Bite 6 again.

Somehow this bug went unnoticed until late TBC and only got removed by the WotLK talent trees, which got rid of all trainable petskills.
Skills when tamed:
Bite Rank 6
35 Focus 5 yd range
Instant 10 sec cooldown
Requires level 40
Bite the enemy, causing 49 to 59 damage.

Identical looking pets

LevelNameLocationAttackspeedSkills when tamedtameable
39Barnabus Special Pet!Badlands2.0Bite 6Yes
51 - 52Ember Worg Burning Steppes2.0noneYes
53 - 54Scarshield Worg Blackrock Spire1.5Dash 3Yes
53 - 54Slavering Ember Worg Burning Steppes2.0noneYes
55 - 56Giant Ember Worg Burning Steppes2.0noneYes