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Jaguero Stalker

Level 50 Cat from Stranglethorn Vale

Available Spells:











Level: Classification: Pet Family: Location: tameable Health: Armor: Damage: Attackspeed: DPS:

Before Taming:

50 Non-Elite Pet Cat Stranglethorn Vale
2753 2101 60 - 74 2.00 34.00

After Taming:

          2215 3182 83 - 105 2.00 47.00

Level 60:

          2990 4014 99 - 126 2.00 56.25
Skills when tamed:
Cower Rank 5
15 Focus 5 yd range
Instant 5 sec cooldown
Requires level 45
Cower, causing no damage but lowering your [pets] threat, making the enemy less likely to attack you[r pet].
Prowl Rank 3
40 Focus
Instant 10 sec cooldown
Requires level 50
Puts your pet in stealth mode, but slows its movement speed by 40%. The first attack from stealth receives a 50% bonus to damage. Lasts until cancelled.

Identical looking pets

LevelNameLocationAttackspeedSkills when tamedtameable
30 - 31Young Panther Stranglethorn Vale1.3Cower 3Yes
32 - 33Panther Stranglethorn Vale1.3Cower 3Yes
32 - 33Kurzen War Panther Stranglethorn Vale1.3noneYes
37 - 38Shadowmaw Panther Stranglethorn Vale1.5Prowl 1Yes
39 - 40Shadow Panther Swamp of Sorrows1.6Prowl 1Yes
40Bhag'thera Stranglethorn Vale1.5Dash 2Yes
41 - 42Skullsplitter Panther Stranglethorn Vale2.0noneYes
42 - 43Elder Shadowmaw Panther Stranglethorn Vale1.5Dash 2, Prowl 2Yes
50Jaguero Stalker Stranglethorn Vale2.0Cower 5, Prowl 3Yes
60Zulian Panther Zul'Gurub2.0Dash 3Yes
60Zulian Prowler Zul'Gurub No